For an amazing tomorrow

Accresco believes in a tomorrow where every individual takes control of his/her finances. More importantly, Accresco makes sure that we manage your wealth in a sustainable way such that you may bequeath a meaningful legacy for your future generations to build on.

Our Story

Investing in the Future

Accresco was founded in 2018 with the explicit aim of making an impact in the present and future generations’ lives. The Company obtained its Investment Advisor (unrestricted) license from the Mauritius Financial Services Commission on the 31st July 2018.

Why choose us as a partner?


We focus our energy in our area of expertise


We take pride in being one of the few players who are not conflicted in whatsoever form.


Our journeys have one common element: a conviction that our tomorrow is better than today. Together, we believe we can make it happen.


We believe in simplicity so that you can understand what and how your portfolio is behaving.

Giving back is our

global commitment

Building a better world means giving back and growing together.

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Service hours volunteered by Accresco employees


Service hours volunteered by Accresco employees


Service hours volunteered by Accresco employees

Financial Planning

Build a sustainable future

Mobilizing capital to deliver sustainable growth and long-term value.

Institute for Sustainable Investing

We believe that private sector capital can play a key role in driving large-scale-solutions to the most critical environmental and social challenged facing the world today. We work to maximize capital to build a more sustainable future.

Sustainability at Accresco

People pertains to how a company is affecting its customers, employees, and those in the local community. It means considering the social impact in terms of factors such as human rights, working conditions and equal employment opportunities.

Reducing our Carbon Footprint

Profit involves the evaluation of a company's corporate governance. This includes things like executive compensation, corporate accounting practices, board independence, and shareholder rights. The link to profit here is the understanding that a company's culture.

What we offer?


Financial Planning

We offer a GOAL based portfolio management service through our financial planning offering. Accresco helps construct a road map to achieve your goals which are dear to you.


Be it a holiday plan or planning for your retirement, Accresco stays by your side until you succeed.


Investment Management

We offer both discretionary and non-discretionary portfolio management services. We focus on sustainable wealth growth through investments in companies which demonstrate strong will towards Environment, Social and Governance matters.

Our Competitive Edge

Through our experienced and professional team, we stand with you for a better financial future. Our interests are aligned at various levels, be it in delivering what matters most to you or leaving a meaningful legacy for your future generations.

Global Access

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